Free the San Francisco 8!

Statement from the San Francisco Eight, August 2009:
Claiming Victory, the Struggle Continues

Hank Jones, John Bowman (deceased), Ray Boudreaux, Harold Taylor, and Richard Brown

Six of the 8: Francisco Torres, Ray Boudreaux, Richard O'Neal, Harold Taylor, Richard Brown, and Hank Jones.
(Photo: Scott Braley)

Gratitude for Support, the Struggle Continues

We, The San Francisco 8 - Herman Bell, Ray Boudreaux, Richard Brown, Richard O'Neal, Hank Jones, Jalil Muntaqim, Harold Taylor and Francisco Torres, express our deepest gratitude to the people of San Francisco and the world for their support and energy that brought about our success in this ordeal with the "justice system."

We and our support committee are claiming victory in this latest battle. As we go forward and prepare for the next one we ask that you lend your strength, your ideas and your spirit to win the dismissal of the charges against Francisco Torres. We also ask that you give your full support to the effort to gain release on parole by Jalil and Herman.

Let it be known that the San Francisco 8, as the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights, will continue to labor in the human rights struggle and the support of Political Prisoners. We depend on the continued support of our friends and allies around the world for without it none of our successes would be possible.

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